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Why is it important to protect leopards?
World Wildlife Fund (WWF), IDEA Public Union and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources the Republic of Azerbaijan implemented an important joint project to conserve and increase the population of the leopard in the country.
You can find out on this site interesting information about leopards, how we can protect these extraordinary animals and any related successes achieved in recent years.


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Residence of leopards

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Leopards encountered in Azerbaijan
Mother leopard and its adult cub

How can you help leopards?

Though these most fascinating and charming animal species are predators, leopards also need human protection and preservation. That is why by supporting the project, you can help us preserve leopards.

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The preservation of leopards is the unique project executed in Azerbaijan. Every citizen, organization or company can contribute to this project.
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Interesting facts and information

Learn more about leopards
Interesting informations
Lifestyle of leopards

Leopards living in the territories of Azerbaijan are usually crepuscular or nocturnal. When evening falls...

By adminleopard 6 years ago
Interesting informations
Fur color and structure of points

Leopard fur is short and dense. Scattered black and brown spots on yellow or yellow-brown fur ...

By adminleopard 6 years ago
Interesting informations
What do leopards eat?

The list of food objects of leopards includes 25 species of animals. But their ranking and potential number, mainly ...

By adminleopard 6 years ago

What people who support us say

Many nature lovers and volunteers are trying to protect leopards and
talks about why it is important for them to protect our nature.
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