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Why is it important to protect leopards?
The World Wide Fund (WWF), IDEA Public Union and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan are implementing a joint project to protect leopards in our country and increase their numbers.
Find interesting information about leopards on this site and read how we can protect these unusual animals and what we have been doing in recent years.

Where did the leopards come from?

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The appearance of leopards

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Residence of leopards

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Leopards seen in Azerbaijan
Mother leopard and adult puppy

How you can help the leopards

Although leopards, one of nature's most interesting and marvelous animals, are predators, they still need protection and protection from humans. For this reason, you can also support the project and protect the leopards with us

How to support the project?

The Leopard Preservation Project is a unique project implemented in Azerbaijan and can be supported by any citizen, organization or company.
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Interesting facts and information

Learn more about leopards
Interesting informations
The leopards' lifestyle

Leopards who live in Azerbaijan usually live in the twilight or at night. When the twilight falls ...

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Interesting informations
How are the leopards fed?

The list of nutrients of leopards includes 25 species of animals. But their rankings and potential numbers are mostly ...

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Interesting informations
Methods of hunting

Thanks to their agility, speed and skillful hunting skills, leopards can even catch the fastest and most frightening ...

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What the people who support us say

Protect many wild and voluntary leopards
explains why it is important for them not to conserve our nature.
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